Message from Ceo

God Bless You!

Very Welcome!

In American Bible College International (ABCI).

It is our vision to promote the Word of God in all over the World. We are giving the Spiritual Education according to the Scriptures to those who really have the vision to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, to win the souls and extend the Kingdom of God upon Earth. We are non-denominational and multicultural organization. We want to prepare dynamic Christian leadership with vision and call from God, to reach the nations, we offer CTH, Two Year Degree of Theology (Associate Degree), BTH, MTH and Language Courses, where you find Portuguese, English, Urdu, Spanish, French, Greek and Hebrew.

Our prime objective is to uplift the Pastors, Missionaries and Servants of God to fulfill the Great Commission.
Matthew 28:19

Bishop Dr. Dilshad Bhatti