Who we are?

Bishop Dr. Dilshad Bhatti is President of Jesus Calls Church Ministries International (JCMI), CEO of American Bible College International (ABCI) and CEO of Church Leaders Network International (CLNI).

He was born in Pakistan, on 20th March 1980. He is a Conference Speaker, Writer, Translator, Lecturer, Preacher and Revivalist. Recently located in Brazil (South America) with his Family, serving the Lord Jesus.

He is graduated from Punjab University and holding the Masters in Computer Sciences, DTS, ADT, SOW, BTH, MTH and DTH. He was baptized by water and Holy Ghost in 1993. Started the Ministerial work in very young age and preached the Gospel from the childhood. He received the call to preach the Good News among Nations.

He got Married on 15th April 2004. He is blessed with two sons Joel Dilshad and Aaron Adriel.

His wife Mrs. Fazilat Dilshad is woman of God and Vice President of JCMI. She is Gospel Singer, Writer, Translator, Women Conferences Speaker, Holding BTH and Masters in Education.

Joel Dilshad is Gospel Singer and Interpreter, IT Manager, Planning and Management Officer and Ministerial Assistant.

Aaron Adriel is very young, but he has good sense and wisdom to make videos and photo sections for Ministry work.

Bishop Dr. Dilshad Bhatti has arranged many Leadership Conferences, Crusades, Seminars, Healing Meetings with International Leaders in Pakistan, etc. He traveled through Asia, Europe and South America to preach the Good News. He has a great vision to build the Christ Center in Pakistan, to equip the leaders for Evangelism and give training to Missionaries to reach the un-reached with Good News and to provide the different Vocational Skills to deserving and Non-Professionals, to maintain their lives and earn better for their families. He also has a vision to take the Good News to the whole World and save the lost for the Kingdom of God.



Leadership Team

Joel Dilshad

Management Strategist

Fazilat Dilshad


Dilshad Bhatti


Aaron Adriel

Official Collaborator